1. What are you proposing?
Tiger Developments has exciting plans to redevelop the Aylesham Centre, that will offer a greater choice of new shops and a new Morrisons store, new bus routes and improved connections and importantly provides the opportunity to deliver much needed new homes, all within a better people focused environment. Overall the plans will deliver:

  • Around 900 homes – of which 35% will be affordable. Of these affordable homes, Southwark Council policy requires 70% to be ‘social rented housing’ to be let by the Council or a housing association, with the remaining 30% to be ‘intermediate housing’ available for sale or rent at below market levels. The homes will be a mix of one, two and three bedrooms.
  • An exciting, vibrant new retail centre with a greater choice of shops and new and improved Morrisons.
  • New public areas, planting and roof top spaces for people to enjoy – increasing greenery by over 40%.
  • Better connections and the creation of new healthy, pedestrian streets across the site.
  • Improved public transport with a new dedicated bus road running from Hanover Park to Peckham High Street that will improve bus services and provide better passenger connections through the town centre. Plus, a new fully enclosed electric bus stand.
  • A range of new jobs – Tiger Developments is working with Southwark Council and local groups, to set up employment and training programmes to help local people gain access to the new job opportunities created by the scheme.
  • A sustainability strategy that minimises carbon emissions, adopts low-carbon heat generating technologies, incorporates highly efficient building materials and renewable energy technologies, increases greenery and promotes biodiversity as well as health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about our proposals by visiting here [link to the proposals page].


2. Why are you bringing these proposals forward now?
Peckham is a vibrant town centre with a rich mix of retail, creative, arts and cultural uses, but it is not immune to the high-street decline threatening towns and cities across the country. The Aylesham Centre lies at the heart of the town centre and has an important role to play in shaping and protecting Peckham’s future for generations to come.

That is why we are bringing forward exciting plans to redevelop the Aylesham Centre, that will offer a greater choice of new shops and a new Morrisons store, new bus routes and improved connections and importantly provides the opportunity to deliver much needed new homes, all within a better people-focused environment.

In doing so we are supporting the aspirations of Southwark Council, which has identified the Aylesham Centre as a development site that has a lot to contribute to Peckham.

3. What parts of the site do your proposals include?
The site under consideration for redevelopment includes the existing Aylesham shopping centre, car park and petrol filling station.

TfL and Southwark Council also asked us to look at ways in which public transport connections could be improved within the town centre and to consider how the bus stand on Peckham High Street could be integrated into any future proposals for the Aylesham Centre.

4. What is the timeline for this project?

It is our intention to submit a planning application later this year. Ahead of this we will be:

  • Collating and reviewing the feedback received as part of this consultation
  • Responding to any questions or requests you may have
  • Preparing the planning application documents

A project of this size will take a number of years to deliver and the construction process will be spread across several phases. The first phase will focus on the eastern part of the site and will see the construction of the new Morrisons store, it’s underground car park and the residential accommodation above; this approach ensures that the existing Morrisons store is able to continue trading whilst the new store is constructed. It is predicted that the first phase of construction will take approximately 3 years to complete.

The remaining areas of the site will also come forward through a phased construction process extending across a further 3-year period, commencing with the demolition of the existing Morrisons store. The phasing will ensure that existing tenants are able to continue to trade from their existing premises for as long as possible and to support their transition into the new scheme where appropriate. We anticipate welcoming the first new commercial tenants into the scheme approximately 5 years after the start of construction.

5. How many homes are you delivering and what size will these be?

We are looking to deliver around 900 homes, which will comprise a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

6. What do you mean by ‘affordable housing’?

Our proposed scheme will create over 900 high-quality new homes, with a target to deliver 35% as affordable homes.

Southwark policy requires that 70% of the affordable homes be made available as social rented housing. This means that:

  • The rent will be set according to levels defined by Southwark Council or the GLA and let by the Council or a registered housing association.
  • They are intended to help people on Southwark Council’s housing register to find accommodation in Peckham (or what we used to call a ‘Council home’). 

The remaining 30% of the affordable homes will be available as “intermediate affordable housing”. This means:

  • Rent levels are set at 80% of market rents.
  • They are intended to help people who are priced out of the private housing market and who need the chance to buy or rent their own home below the full market rate.
  • They will typically benefit younger people looking to take their first step onto the property ladder and key workers such as health care professionals.
  • There are a variety of ways through which the “intermediate affordable homes” will be sold or rented, such as through shared ownership or through a discounted market rent model.
7. What type of retailers do you expect to come to the site?

Our proposals seek to create a vibrant new retail destination in the town centre with the flexibility to host a range of different shops – from high street brands to smaller shops and stalls. The pedestrian focussed environment and improved shopping experience will create spaces that could hold local events or markets and places for families and friends to meet and relax.

With retail undergoing great change, no one can say exactly what the future may bring. Even though it is too early to say exactly what shops and businesses will come to the new Aylesham Centre, we are as committed as ever to make sure that brings the right mix; one that serves the needs of people who live and work here, and attracts people to visit. This must complement the success of existing high street businesses and support Southwark Council’s ambitions for the area.

That means being flexible – in the size of spaces we will be creating, as well as the way we find tenants. What won’t change is our ambition to help both keep and build Peckham as a successful shopping destination that offers interest, enjoyment and amenity.

8. What will happen to the Morrisons supermarket?

A new look Morrisons store will form the heartbeat of the redevelopment. Morrisons is committed to having a store as part of these plans and will continue to serve the community from their existing store during the construction of the new building. To do this, the new store will be built on the store’s existing car park and a temporary car park will be created.

9. What will happen to the Aylesham Centre’s existing traders?

The long-term retention and growth of the existing Aylesham Centre businesses is also important to us and we will be working closely with these occupiers to support them as the site is redeveloped and the new scheme emerges.

10. How tall are the proposed buildings and how does this compare to what is there now?

The scheme proposes a range of buildings of differing heights, but also includes a landmark taller building. The scale and density of buildings proposed enables us to create the mix and offer on view here, without compromising things like the delivery of much needed new market and affordable homes and the creation of new private and communal green spaces.

Building heights range from four to eight-storeys across the development, whilst the tallest building now stands at 20 storeys and provides a high-quality visual marker above the Morrisons store that terminates the scheme’s main retail street. The design of the tallest building has evolved significantly to reduce bulk and create a much more slender silhouette. A 20-storey building is supported by the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan and the emerging New Southwark Plan.

You can find a diagram showing the proposed building heights across the development and a sketch of how this related to views from the nearby Bussey building by visiting ‘The Proposals’ page here.

11. How will you be supporting local people and businesses to access the opportunities created by the development?

We will work with Southwark Council and local groups to put in place employment and training programmes to help local Peckham residents gain access to the short, medium and long-term job opportunities that will be created both during the construction process and within the completed development.

12. Will you be creating any new open, public spaces?

Our ambition for the site is to turn what is currently an open, underutilised, car-dominated, space into a pedestrian friendly network of streets, spaces, laneways and courtyards, with attractive landscaped areas to relax and spend time that provide something different from the bustling, busy, narrow streets of Peckham.

Pockets of landscaped areas will create attractive stopping and resting areas. Their design and layout will ensure that there is something for everyone – from quiet enjoyment, to places for families and areas for socialising. In addition to these spaces, we are also creating the opportunity to deliver a publicly accessible rooftop space, which could be home to a commercial use.

To do all we can to improve local air quality and to create an environment that seeks to improve people’s well-being, we are also putting forward a carefully-designed and stewarded planting scheme – including new trees and shrubs – which increases the amount of greenery across the site by over 40%. This is part of our commitment to improve local air quality and to create an environment that seeks to improve people’s well-being.

13. How are you proposing to change and improve transport in the area?

We have been working with Transport for London and Southwark Council to look at ways in which public transport connections could be improved within the town centre and to consider how the bus stand site could be integrated into any future proposals for the Aylesham Centre.

At the February consultation events we introduced the new dedicated bus road running north / south through the site, linking Hanover Park with Peckham High St. In addition to the new bus road, proposals are also being brought forward in association with TfL to update and upgrade the existing bus stand site.

We have been working with TfL to remodel the site and to replace the existing open-air facility with a new fully enclosed all-electric bus stand and create the potential to deliver around 90 new homes above the bus stand. This new facility will support the Mayor’s objective of converting TfL’s bus fleet to all-electric running by 2030.

The new bus road will enable improved bus services and better passenger connections through the town centre, with new stops located for easy access to the new Morrisons store. The new bus only road will also help to relieve the impact of traffic on surrounding streets and reduce the conflict between buses, bicycles and pedestrians.

You can see a diagram of the new connections we are proposing through the site by clicking here.

14. How have you been consulting with local communities about these proposals?

We have been engaging with local people and businesses about our plans to reshape the Aylesham Shopping Centre in Peckham since 2016.  

In November 2016 we held two community workshops where we discussed the potential to deliver a better Morrisons and create a new pedestrian-friendly area featuring shops and public spaces. The feedback we received at these earlier workshops helped us to shape our initial designs.

In July 2017 we shared our initial designs with the community at a series of workshops and public exhibitions. We asked what you wanted to see happen at ground level, which is how the majority of people will experience the future site on a day-to-day basis.

In February 2020, we presented our updated plans for this part of the town centre at further exhibitions held inside the Aylesham Shopping Centre, showing detailed designs for the first time. These plans included our thoughts on what could happen to the Transport for London bus stand on Peckham High Street. In total, 276 people attended the consultation events held over four separate days.

In addition, we also launched a new online consultation platform, known as ‘Give My View’. The platform allows us to reach many more people and gather a greater amount of feedback on the plans. Between February and May of this year, a total of 6,000+ questions answered were answered from 1,500+ through Give My View.

You can find a full timeline of our engagement activities so far and a summary of the feedback we have received from local people by visiting the ‘Your Feedback So Far’ page here.

15. How can I have my say on these plans?

Thank you so much to those who have already responded to our plans during July and August. We are grateful to everyone for the significant feedback and comments which we are now evaluating. Crucially, this is an ongoing conversation, and we would like to stay in touch with people to help us shape the future of the Aylesham Centre and its place in the wider area. We would welcome comments or thoughts via the online form or contact below and do let us know if you would like to be kept updated or informed of ways of getting involved.

Head to the ‘Give My Views’ page to find out more.